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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 20, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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that may put them back and they political round? >> guest: throughout her campaign she got advice from people who said don't embrace the fact that you are woman candidate. people know how strong you are. i think that was one of the things, she had a series of postmortem sessions after she lost and she learned she should have done more. i think it does signal to other women you can be this powerful woman and embrace the fact that you are strong female candidate. >> guest: i want to as the students at the iowa state crowd whether they think they can bring hillary clinton into the -- so if we have any more students i would love to get their read on that. >> host: we can have them think about that next. dana says whited hillary resigned from secretary of state >> guest: it was never her and intention to stay longer than
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four years. most cabinet secretaries don't stay past the first term. we have an interesting moment where the president asked the secretary to stay on anything she's been doing a fantastic job. he says will you stay and someone told us he didn't put the screws to her this time and she didn't want to stay. >> guest: we had a situation where leon panetta told him on election day that he wasn't going to stick around and the successor susan rice the one that obama wanted to put into the job was getting absolutely destroyed on capitol hill over benghazi in the talking points on the morning talk shows in addition to that her charms to maneuver some of the senators to her side. chanted that getting -- so he's looking at a situation where he will have to have a new defense secretary and that new secretary of state. he has someone who has become
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most loyal and strong advisor to him. if we keep hillary clinton in here for a while we can resurrect susan rice a little susan rice a little bit. an interesting moment there where she just says i am done. >> host: what you think the impact could be on secretary of state john kerry's tenure and what he might accomplish? we don't know yet that could he overshadow in 2016, could he overshadow what she did. >> guest: he has a few years left to accomplish what he is going to accomplish and he is certainly reaching for the stars. there is an effort to claim up syria's chemical weapons and to get iran to give up its nuclear program and peace in the middle east in terms of the israelis and tell us to enhance all of which are hard to reach. iran, it was hillary clinton is started those negotiations. if there's a victory of then john kerry will probably get
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credit. there's a possibility for that but we know there's a possibility for a lot of things. as we see a assad is still slaughtering his own people with chemical and conventional weapons. >> host: given what is happening in the ukraine today is this violence continues to unfold how do you think hillary clinton shaped president barack obama's decision-making process and use? how do you react to a situation like you are seeing in the ukraine? >> guest: i think john talked about this a few minutes ago but he made her more of a hawk. she brought him a little more further than he was willing to go and that is why this was all part of that calculation. what do you think? >> guest: it's interesting and we will see what happens.
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with ukraine. the problem for the united states is we simply don't have the kind of power that we would like to have internationally. there was a time when the united states and other nations would respond and i think the american public expects there something the united states could do to affect the situation and in terms of affecting foreign politics oftentimes it's the long-term things we can do through sanctions to affect behavior. it's hard to do things immediately. if you're in the ukraine in fighting for your life are fighting to protect revolution economic sanctions may not have any bearing on it. >> host: we are talking about you with intense career and her political future with the authors of the new book on hillary clinton hrc amie parnes who continues to be a senior white house correspondent of the hill and jonathan allen who moved over to "bloomberg news" that covers the white house as well for them. there is this line in your book
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on libya where you write libya's liberation for better or worse was hillary's war. >> guest: i think maybe there was a point in time where they wanted this to be, this could've been her crown jewel and i think republicans think that was the tack they were taking and of course benghazi happened. >> guest: in terms of it being her war in the united states the president and including bob casey the defense secretary and joe biden were reluctant to get involved in libya. they didn't want to spend blood and treasure and didn't want to get involved in afghanistan and iraq. at the time some of them knew that there was a plan to go after bin laden and a strike potential in a sovereign nation. internationally the europeans wanted a no-fly zone. the americans thought that was ineffectual. you have to get the gold
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corporate in counsel and in the arab league which have different politics within them. you had to get them bought in. they bought into the no-fly zone and they got turned around into an actual strike rather than a fly zone to take out gadhafi. all of that was done on the ground in various capitals by hillary clinton and basically she came back to president of bob and said look the coalition is here for this if you are willing to deal with it. >> guest: she put together this coalition so she had her stamp on it. >> host: lafayette indiana, republican caller. >> caller: good morning everyone. i am a republican but i love the clintons. [laughter] president clinton was in office the economy was great and i'm
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sure if hillary would be president it would be great again. >> host: . can i ask you why you think because it was great in your words under bill clinton why do you assume it would be great if hillary clinton became president? >> caller: because schieffer gave her husband and she thought his good intent would help her become a great president. >> host: you think she is a two for? >> caller: yes and. [inaudible] >> host: let's just leave it there and take on the first part. >> guest: that is a great example that they paul clinton crossover voter and i would be interested to know what he would do if they ran against each other. the economy was obviously in better shape in the clinton
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years than it is now. some of that is the result of policies that president clinton put in place and a lot of it probably isn't. i do think it's fair to say there was a clintonian worldview when it comes to how society should operate in the world of government and the world of the private sector and what's interesting about the clintons is they seem to believe in both the government and the private sector and working together to move the country forward to have economic growth and republicans favor the private sector and look skeptically at government. the clintons do have a triangulation saying we need the private sector to drive growth but also we need a government in place and robust as well. i would expect he would see her adopt economic policies that weren't were in two different from his. >> guest: it's an insures in
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point because people say it's a two-for-one deal but i think she has tried to establish her own brand away from that. the -- making her own decisions. she got upset when someone asked her what does your husband think of this? she has worked hard to separate separate herself and away from him. >> host: let's go back to iowa. dakota james canning is aboard the c-span bus. go ahead. >> caller: good morning. hillary clinton is a celebrity politician with a mile-long résume of qualifications but she is dealing with her husband's legacy. she is dealing with the potential fallout from 2008 and being the novelty effect of being the first female president and all of this preemptive strike with her being the front-runner for so long. i was wondering if you thought issue still a viable democratic
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candidate for 2016? >> host: let me turn that question for you dakota. do you think she could win iowa? >> i have strong faith and her and her ability and i believe that iowans are ready to see hillary clinton in the white house in 2016. >> host: all right. >> guest: i think she's a viable candidate for 2016. right now to look at the polls and polls change fast she is far and away the lead democrat and she was that in 2008 area and also republican contenders for the presidency. as to the question whether she is viable life certainly think she is viable. >> guest: she is a fund-raising effort going on in a research effort going on and they are all waiting for her to jump in. >> host: tranquility says this
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on twitter. didn't victims show their war on women when they chose obama over hillary in 08 especially when it was her turn. john and southampton pennsylvania democratic caller. what are your thoughts? >> caller: thanks for c-span. i have been around a little longer than the commenters ther. i have a little different perspective on this. i think there has been a clear deterioration in the integrity of the political class and retired president eisenhower for instance would never consider -- jimmy carter a think his presidency has been fantastic. it's been selfless and all for others whereas the clintons for instance when he retired and left office and when president bill clinton left office he was in debt. and within five years they were
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worth $100 million. books and bill clinton's speeches. he was giving these speeches for 150 to 200 50/50 thousand dollars a pop for a 15 minute speech at financial firms, in jewish community centers. >> host: john do you think this hurts your chances in 2016? >> guest: the fact is that it's really not even discussed. >> host: all right, any points >> guest: they have done their share of good to not. bill clinton has cgi the event in global initiative where he travels the world and does good things around the world trade i think that's something that the clintons were sitting here they would definitely point out to. >> guest: i hate to use my
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inexperience against me but look these are all questions that will be answered in the presidential campaign or at least reporters like us will attempt to make -- we have the scene in the look where hillary clinton has to raise money for world's fair in shanghai in a short trade of time. the chinese that it's going to be a big embarrassment if the americans to show up and the whoosh of administration made the decision not to fund the world's fair. there was a loophole in the law that allowed for the secretary to have some involvement in that it not a lot of involvement. basically sheep hired all lot of longtime clinton advisers to raise money from the private sector and tap into the clinton government to build this pavilion at the shanghai expo. we tell the story by way of showing how involved those old clinton donors worked at the state department early on. we have a scene in there where bill clinton actually inscribes
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the coffee table book from the shanghai world expo for one of those aides. at the end of the inscription he says we did it. there was a lot of concern that his network was going to be a conflict for her at the state department. i don't think it raise any scandals but there definitely was not a complete his entanglements of the two political worlds. >> host: one thing you write about is the lesson she learned from the 2000 campaign and how she applies them to being secretary of state and what it might mean for her political future. you write in her first for months she had mental energy in making sure that our operation is far more forward-leaning in its use of to knowledge he is a political tool than her 2000 ben.
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>> guest: she really learned this lesson during one of these postmortem sessions. she saw barack obama run circles around her campaign as far as technology. for one thing she plucked one of his people and brought them over to stay. he started this movement and she actually implemented a lot of what she learned at state and i think if she were to run in 2016 she would do the same thing. >> host: does she have that team built? >> guest: yeah she has the team built. the state department on interveners like jerry cowan was that condi rice attache and now he is google ideas. what they were doing was staring
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out how to use technology to affect political movements abroad. we go into that in the look that you can retrain revolutionaries in another country to upload video of the atrocities going on in the country. you can use gps and mobile text services to warn people of troop movements abroad. you can raise money for the haitian earthquake victims very quickly. all of these things you can do to affect political and social activity abroad can be turned back into a political campaign in 2016. >> host: she even looks at the heads of these giant tech companies like google and she says use me as an app. >> guest: isn't that interesting? >> guest: she may not be able to write code and certainly, say she understands technology. i think there is a sort of joke that she is the person who is detached from the actual mechanisms involved it very well aware of how people communicate
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and fund-raiser and political organized. what she says to these folks and in this case in terms of companies being able to help the united states with foreign-policy by doing commerce abroad and talking to foreign leaders in some cases threatening foreign leaders and we get into that a little bit with the situation in syria. she basically says i want to be helpful in expanding your positions in a way that is to help the united states and its foreign-policy goals. >> guest: this from a woman who said candidly that she asked chelsea clinton to ask her sender first text message. she is not the most tech-savvy person in bill clinton was receiving mail by facts so these were people who were stuck in the 90s who were trying to progress a little bit more. >> host: nicole rodriguez aboard the c-span bus in ames iowa. go ahead areas. >> caller: first of all good morning and thank you for having me today. my questions about the chapter
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title hrc brand. there's a time photo that diana walker took that turned into an internation -- international sensation. in my opinion it took a sardonic tone to young adults. do you think that harmed her reputation and brand for young adults for future voters? >> guest: you might have a better perspective on that than we do. i had not heard that but that doesn't mean that it's not through that there may be a segment of young voters who look at it and thinks it's ridiculous and shows she is trying to be in touch and actually is out of touch. there's a careful line you have to play with popular culture. as president -- is president obama cool because he listens to jay-z or is he just an old guy that listens to jay-z? you have to give them credit for being pretty cool and hip and she is trying at least to capture some of that magic as
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well. >> host: she uses that picture on her official twitter page. >> guest: she realizes that humanizes her a little bit. people have this image of her as being at buttoned up woman. she wants this lighter side of her. >> host: tim and freeport illinois, independent caller. hi tim. >> caller: how are you? first i would like to say that i don't think hillary clinton should be blamed for her husband's dalliances although i believe she could be considered an enabler. the subject i have not heard roche although we have we have heard a lot about what she said recently at this point what does it matter, i would like to hear somebody address the biogate issue when hillary clinton was first -- >> guest: it's not something we went deeply into her went into at all in the book. we were focused on the primary in 2008 through essentially 2013.
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we thought it was unexplored territory. we felt most americans and voters who are trying to judge her and how she makes decisions probably needed a better picture of what she was doing at the state department so we didn't get into travel gate in the travel office scandal or the impeachment. all that stuff is a prologue and i think most of, most americans who will be voting in 2016 at a pretty good handle on these issues. >> host: why did you entitle it to hrc? >> guest: it's an interesting question. like john said i actually wanted to call it phoenix but people call her hrc and her world. aides send e-mails and asking did hrc see this so we thought it was a hip way to refer to her. >> host: do you think it goes to her brand? what is her brand? >> guest: i don't think hrc is
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something that people knew she was called up for this book so internally it actually comes from the hill. although members of congress are referred to by their aides by their initials. like a rock obama when he was a senator was b.a. joel or paul sarbanes was pss. i think that is where it originally comes from and as a result when you see e-mail communication talking about her they refer to her as hrc so we just thought, i don't know we just thought it was simple. it was easy and hopefully a brand for the book. at least from our perspective. >> host: we will go to fred and pennsylvania, independent caller. hi fred. >> caller: good morning and thanks for taking my call. appreciate it. the questions on hillary's career and president clinton before he came president was governor of arkansas.
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if my hazy memory is still working right it was a big white water tanking ends -- savings and loan scandal going on in moving up from there i believe from what is on the internet he said hillary lenton worked for mark sansa who is an attorney. >> host: fred quetta shura point? >> guest: i'm just saying she is a viable candidate but is it what the press gives us about hillary clinton and biographers like this gentleman and why are these things not brought up if they are true? >> guest: fred this is a tweet from one of our viewers who says the thing is with the clintons is that we are denial all of the skeletons. sardi old news to the people. >> guest: i think voters will have that debate whether it's old news or not. i would note that the senate hearings on benghazi in the heart 216 office building or studios area where the
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whitewater investigation went on so it's not that these things were not discussed and they haven't been reported on. you remake a member of the chairman of the banking committee at the time on the special whitewater committee going after whitewater pretty hard and of course some of the subsequent scandals grew out of that. that is a pretty proud turf. >> host: on the benghazi attack it right about after ambassador stephen's body was brought back there was a moment where or maybe it was after they get the news president obama asked the secretary of state if he can go back with her to the state department. why? what happens? >> guest: edmonton a lot to her and the aides describe this. he was heartbroken over it, she was and she wanted him to come back and see the people can see the faces at the state department. i think that did mean a lot to
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her. >> guest: and to address them in to talk to people at the state department who had just lost four of their own including an ambassador who is extremely popular. i knew somebody in the foreign service class with him and they remembered him as standing out in that class and people liked like him. chris stevens that is and so president obama came to the state department that next day after the remarks in the rose garden and he made some unscripted remarks to the people at the state department. >> host: was it at the pentagon at the time? >> guest: it was but his actual comments were not. i don't think there was a record of what he said but the fact that it was reported on i think some bits of what his -- were recorded. later he met with people particularly close to chris stevens and hillary clinton watch them over and introduced
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him by name. people i talk to the at the state department who are not in the clinton world cited that moment is sort of the big thing in terms of trying to get the mourning and healing process to begin. i think it meant a lot the president was there and secretary clinton about in there. >> host: let's hear from john who is in vermont republic and caller and our last. good morning john. >> caller: good morning. i have two questions in a comment. the first one is for amie. earlier on in the show you mentioned that hillary has her finger on the pulse of everything that was going on and i know the benghazi thing as come up a lot. blamed that on a video and sent their folks all over the country blaming benghazi on a video. i thought that was a little strange that you would make that
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comment and also in rec sing -- researching your book did you read a book called ron brown's body by jack cashill published in 2004? it's a very insightful book on the history that you talked about this morning with both of the clintons. i would strongly recommend anybody to read it and as i say it was published in 2004 by wnd books. >> host: okay john, the benghazi video? >> guest: i think it was a moving target at that point. they were all trying to figure out what was happening and yeah they were just trying to piece together what was happening. >> host: why did she refuse or did she refuse to go on the sunday talk shows and why was susan rice put on the sunday talk shows? >> guest: first of all hillary clinton goes on the sunday shows
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when she needs to and does not if there is not a politically compelling reason for her too. when she needs that good moment on face the nation she will do it but generally speaking her dentist to stay away. in this case there was a lot of other stuff to do and i think she probably recognized the potential political danger and maybe even felt it was inappropriate to be out on the television shows when there was so much to do in terms of trying to figure out what happened and in terms of people. what we do know is when she wasn't available and tv shows had gone to the state department and white house asking for her. once it was clear she wasn't available they quickly move to susan rice and susan rice went out with the talking points that had been negotiated among the interagency is and even gilded the lily a little bit beyond
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what's on the talking points said trade members of congress, not all members for a lot of members including some republicans decided she lied to the public on most television shows. hillary penton while doing briefings on capitol hill where she talked about army militants going to the compound most of the people that listen to her talk about army militants thought hillary clinton had said terrorists of the distinction between militants and terrorists was a small one and they felt like she was telling the one thing and susan rice was telling them something different. >> host: what is something you learned about in doing this book on hillary clinton? >> guest: i've probably said this earlier but i think i kind of came into this thinking that she was very buttoned up and there was not a big human side to her. i learned that she not only is quite funny and has this wicked sense of humor but she does have this feel public service.
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>> guest: i think one of the neatest things i learned about her was that behind the shell and all politicians have a shell and she particularly has a thick one. she said in public service she sheet developed skin like a rhinoceros. mind that there is raw energy and emotion and she is kind of decisive and we learned about things she said to her aides in her reaction to white house correspondents' dinner and whether that would be a problem with the bin laden range she used profanity to say she didn't want to think about what affect there was on the white house correspondents' dinner. there is some pretty raw human emotion good, bad and different and in a way that some politicians are more careful about hiding. we had an eight talk at one point about how she is not as calculated as her husband is in terms of political payback which doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't seek it. it just means she's not necessarily figure out when the
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right moment is with the right person. >> host: jonathan allen and amie parnes authors of the new book hrc. very much. i also want to thank our students from iowa state university and a special thanks to media, indications for sponsoring today's bus visit. the students did great so thank you for all those questions. .. a


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